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Number of farms: 1,489

Produce safety rule inspection: Connecticut Department of Agriculture

State audit program: Connecticut Good Agricultural Practices (CGAP)

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Number of farms: 266

Produce safety rule inspection: Delaware Dept Of Agriculture

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Number of farms: 1,330

Produce safety rule inspection: VT Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets

State audit program: Vermont Community Accreditation for Produce Safety-Plus (CAPS-Plus)

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New Hampshire

Number of farms: 1,029

Produce safety rule inspection: New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food

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Number of farms: 2,597

Produce safety rule inspection: Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

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Number of farms: 2,580

Produce safety rule inspection: Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

State audit program: Massachusetts Commonwealth Quality Program (Mass CQP)

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Rhode Island

Number of farms: 338

Produce safety rule inspection: RI Department of Environmental Management – Division of Agriculture

State audit program: Rhode Island Good Agricultural Practices (RI GAP)

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New York

Number of farms: 6,671

Produce safety rule inspection: New York Department of Agriculture and Markets

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Number of farms: 7,244

Produce safety rule inspection: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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West Virginia

Number of farms: 1,848

Produce safety rule inspection: West Virginia Department of Agriculture

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Number of farms: 1,509

Produce safety rule inspection: Maryland Department of Agriculture

State audit program: Maryland Department of Agriculture Good Agriculture Practices (MDA GAP)

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New Jersey

Number of farms: 2,339

Produce safety rule inspection: New Jersey Department of Agriculture

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  • What is the goal of this site?

    The goal of this site is to summarize the produce food safety landscape in the northeastern and north central US, helping buyers to understand and navigate each state’s produce safety audit and inspection information. This is needed because the produce safety landscape can be confusing; there are a variety of produce safety standards and verification systems that can look similar in practice, yet are different in application for produce operations. As a result, market access requirements may not match grower obligations and documentation after being found in compliance following a FSMA Produce Safety Rule inspection, or from succeeding to meet an audit’s acceptance criteria. To help buyers navigate these complications, this website provides farm production statistics, state inspection and audit information in simple charts and tables, all with an eye to improving produce safety knowledge, communication, and alignment among buyers and producers.

    How to use this site?

    The interactive map allows users to drill down at the state level to learn more about the produce production landscape, farm size, and scale within each state. Here the user will also find a detailed review of what is required for audits and inspections in the state along with corresponding program contact information. A user can also look at this regional content more broadly by reviewing multi-state information in a side-by-side display. Either approach also cross-links to a plain language overview of the Produce Safety Rule for easy access to relevant rule requirements.

What is your role within the produce safety community?